Black Swan (2010)

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Nina (Portman) is a danseur in a New York City balance artistry association whose life, for example each one of the aforementioned in her calling, is totally depleted with move. She exists with her obsessive previous figurante mother Erica (Hershey) who pushes a suffocating control over her. The point when imaginative executive Thomas Leroy (Cassel) chooses to trade prima balancer Beth Macintyre (Ryder) for the opening handling of their new period, Swan Lake, Nina is his first decision. However Nina has rivalry: another dance expert, Lily (Kunis), who awes Leroy besides. Swan Lake requires a dance lover who can play both the White Swan with purity and grace, and the Black Swan, who speaks for cunning and sexiness. Nina fits the White Swan part splendidly however Lily is the representation of the Black Swan. As the two adolescent dance specialists develop their competition into a curved kinship, Nina starts to get progressively in touch with her dull side -a heedlessness that debilitates to pulverize her.
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